Invest in a better future for street kids in Togo

URGENT: For the first time in 15 years, the NGO MAREM no longer has a stable financial partner for 2019, which threatens the social work carried out with street children.


UNICEF has identified more than 2500 street kids in Lomé, the capital of Togo. Children leave their family structure and live on the streets for many reasons. In most cases, this is linked to family conflicts, most often due to the remarriage of parents; others are orphans, while others simply seek to escape a family environment that has become too restrictive or is tainted by the violence of all kinds.

These street children are often in a very precarious social situation. They live by begging, stealing or selling items collected from the city’s main landfills. Children living on the streets are out of school. The longer they stay there, the less likely they are to return to suitable schooling.

These children need individualized support to help them return to their childhood!


In order to meet this challenge, the NGO MAREM (Mouvement d’Action pour la Réinsertion des Enfants Marginalisés), a secular and apolitical association founded in 2005, has been promoting better living conditions for marginalized children, in particular, those in street situations, aged 8 to 17 years for more than 15 years.

The main objectives of the NGO MAREM are divided into 3 points:

–  reintegrate street children into family, social, academic and professional life,
–  ensure adequate psychosocial support for these children, from their identification with the street to post-reintegration follow-up.
–  prevent the phenomenon of street children through awareness campaigns.

To achieve these objectives, the NGO MAREM’s project is structured around 3 sections:

The street: it is in the heart of the street that our team establishes the first contact with children. Our educators work in the field in the form of a march to identify children and get to know them. Every year, 800 street children are supported and assisted by the NGO.
EMERA centre: a long-term transit centre providing full care for up to 18 children. These children are chosen because they cannot be reintegrated directly and require longer-term support. They are then enrolled in school and receive food, school, health and psychological support.
Rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation monitoring: our specialized educators meet the child’s family, teachers and professional trainers to establish an effective dialogue necessary for successful reintegration.

The social, academic and professional reintegration of street kids is therefore our essential mission, in order to transform these individual tragedies into collective hope.


Since its beginning, the NGO MAREM has been supported by partners such as the Saint François d’Assise Foundation and UNICEF, which have helped it to develop its activities for many years.

However, due to a change of priority from its main donors, the NGO MAREM has, for the first time, no stable financial partner for the year 2019, which threatens the social work carried out with children and places the association in an unstable and precarious situation. It is in this urgent situation that the NGO MAREM is launching this Crowdfunding campaign.


By participating in the financing of the activities of the NGO MAREM, you contribute to the school and social reintegration of children by reintegrating them into their families, and you ensure a better future for street children in Lomé.

Today, more than ever, MAREM needs you! Each donation is important and allows us to continue this great human and social adventure.

– With 30€, you provide food for a month, for 1 child.
– With 50€, you cover healthcare expenses, for 1 child, for 1 year.
– With 75€, you give the chance to 1 child to study in a private school, for 1 year.
– With 150€, the tuition fees for 2 children are taken care of.
– And with 200€, you ensure the full care of 1 child, for 1 month.

Help to tackle the precarious living conditions of street children in Togo and the severe consequences that result from it.

Giving means enabling children to have access to the support they need to protect them and help them build a better future!